I should be writing. Instead…bracketology.

brackets 2018

Yes, March Madness is upon us and gee, why wouldn’t I want to dive in and show my ignorance of college basketball?

Actually, I do follow it [except for the last four minutes of every game which, if I watched it live, would suck about 19.22 minutes [just an approximation] of my life.—thanks to TV commercials, TV-initiated and coach-initiated timeouts, intentional fouls, substitutions, lucky three-point shots which encourage the losing team to continue taking timeouts, committing intentional fouls, and making mind-numbing substitutions, and the inevitable officials’ video review of a play that requires indisputable proof to be overturned. [Fairly robust chunk of judicialese, wouldn’t you say? At some point, I’d expect the Supreme Court to weigh in.]

All I can say is: Thank the Lord for DVR.

Another observation: It gets to the point where I don’t care who wins the game.

Who would I root for? Whichever team has a coach who lets the players play and make some decisions on their own.

Okay, rant concluded.

Go UMBC! [University of Maryland Baltimore County…I had to look it up.]

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