I should be writing. Instead…it’s time to adopt a dog.


I’d take all three of these guys.

Yep, once he/she arrives, there will probably be umpteen ‘I should be writing’ opps.

boo retirement

Boo was my career counselor.

We lost Boo over a year ago and I usually need more healing time, but as the years progress, I realize I can’t be dawdling on this. I want a dog’s spirit, loyalty, and companionship in the house. Not to mention the entertainment value.

Note: My wife is actually spending more time on the local shelters’ websites than I am. Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s harder to live with a dogless me. 😉



4 thoughts on “I should be writing. Instead…it’s time to adopt a dog.”

  1. Sorry for the loss of Boo, looks like a very sweet dog. I’m in the same boat as you, having lost beloved Stella about a month ago.

    I like your reasoning for not dawdling on the dog purchase, and will take that same approach (though still not quite ready to think of a puppy yet, maybe in a few months or so). Best of luck on the dog search!


  2. SSFT!! Many thanks for your comment and understanding. I wouldn’t mind getting the pup in cooler months, but by then I’ll be back to work. I want a good concentration of time for him to train me into being a total dog-pushover, much like the others did. Sorry about Stella. My observation: Cats are great, but I think, for me at least, it’s even more difficult to get over the loss of a dog because everywhere you drive around town, or in the neighborhood, you come across reminders of events and moments you spent there with your pup. Harder to shake the loss with all those memories flooding back.


  3. Sorry, sorry, sorry about Boo! Hope your search for a new furry companion will yield new opportunities for joy-filled writing interruptions. My sister lost two of their precious family dogs within a short time of losing our parents. She & her husband went out rather soon thereafter & found an adorable puppy, Cocobelle, who has brought loads of comfort (& hyperactive joy) these last few years.💜🐶💜

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