Signing off soon…

Greetings, folks. I’ve been juggling too many blogs and so this one will be leaving soon.

By all means, join me at     and  .

I’ll most likely revisit the ‘I should be writing…’ thread at my  because I will continue my procrastinative [uh, yeah, that’s not a real word, but it works for me] ways, especially when I wander off to the kitchen.

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I should be writing. Instead…dining out.

rhubarb pie lattice

The end of a week.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m retired…for the weekend, at least.

And we aimed for Gathering Together Farm for dinner.

Meanwhile, on the topic of eating and writing, here is a Bon Appetit article, 9 Authors on What They Eat While They Write.


I should be writing. Instead…sourdough biscuits.

IMG_2185True, they look more scone-like, but hey, my oven, my label.


There’s tons of bread in the kitchen—a nice loaf of altamura from Gathering Together Farms, some English muffins from Trader Joe’s, you know how breads tend to collect.

In our house, this can only mean one thing: Pull out the sourdough starter and add biscuits to the cornucopia of carbs. [and remembering to tuck away any paleo or South Beach-y heresy.]

More later…